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Conferevalue LDA believes in relationships of trust with its clients worldwide and for a long period of time.

Conferevalue LDA offers its products and services on time and from anywhere through premium numbers.

We also offer IVR applications on platforms based in Portugal.

In addition, Conferevalue LDA offers on-line statistics in real time, and supports its clients with reports via e-mail every day.

If someone wants to earn money just dial the numbers InternationalPremium Rate. Conferevalue LDA is the right supplier for them.

Dont wait. Just set up an account, bookmark and make money, taking advantage of the opportunity offered today by Conferevalue LDA.

Contact us today via live chat or fill out the contact form on the website.

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How long does it take to assemble my first Premium Rate number?

The value-added number can usually be created within half an hour. You can start monetizing immediately after creating the premium rate number.

How are calls delivered?

The calls are finalized in our IVR for an existing service, in a sound file that maintains, or in a service that is our IVR model. We can also direct calls to PSTN for which a nominal routing fee is charged.

What are the International premium rate solutions?

Some of the International Premium Rate solutions include phone numbers that are used to perform services like live chat, recorded chat, anddating services, both informational and educational and conferencing services. The owner is provided with a financial refund for every minute of traffic that is received by these numbers.

Why these solutions offered to so many countries?

We have direct relationships with two and three carriers worldwide which allows us to have so many different endings. We are always looking for new endings and opportunities in the world in telecommunications.

Why choose us?

Many markets use premium rate numbers as a convenient micropayment system that all potential customers can access from the convenience of their mobile or landline telephone. Conferevalue is the global market leader, be it for a voice number, international premium rate number.

Headquarters are in the Portugal. We provide our clients with proven technical and global market experience as well as outstanding 24/7 customer support. Our experience and global audiotext resources enable us to advise clients and facilitate new premium rate products. By providing a range of over 50 international premium termination rates, covering access from over 200 countries, we are perfectly positioned to maximise your resources and assist in building your business worldwide.

Our engineers can build premium rate and general audiotext (audiotex) applications quickly and efficiently or route calls to our clients' premium rate platforms within minutes. Our online statistics provide the flexibility to follow and control your campaigns in real time. Contact a Conferevalue representative today and find out how we can help you.


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